Quick Change Tooling

Quick Change Tooling Guide

High Tech Tool developed the Quick Change connection to provide several productivity-enhancing features such as:
• Low-cost, ultra-rigid large diameter steel bars to virtually eliminate chatter, allowing higher speeds and feeds.
• Shorter setup times. A bar change can be performed in a couple of minutes.
• A moment-resisting 5-inch diameter adapter face.
• Easily adaptable to virtually any make of machine turret or tool changer, allowing bars to be shared across different machines in your shop.
• Cost less than carbide/devibe bars.
• Internal coolant port suitable for high-pressure coolant applications.

How it works:
The bar’s 2-1/2 inch shank stabs into a turret adapter. The 5-inch diameter shoulder on the bar makes up to the adapter face, and two 1-inch cone-point allen set screws in the adapter make up on offset-machined conical bottomed holes in the bar shank, pulling the bar tight against the adapter face. A keyway provides for positive indexing at 0º and 180º for right hand and left hand applications.

The turret or tool changer adapter is unique to the machine, but the bars are universal. We can build an adapter for virtually any machine turret or tool changer. Here is a list of a few machines we have built adapters for:

Aloris, Bullard, Cincinnati, Cyclone, Dainichi, Froriep, Heligenstat , Homma, Hwacheaon, J&L, Karatsu, Mazak, Monarch, Mori Seiki, Motch, Okuma, Olympia, Sogotech, Sunstrand , W&S 5A

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