Replaceable Heads & Bars

Replaceable Heads and Bars Guide
High Tech’s replaceable boring, threading and grooving heads provide the maximum in flexibility and economy for your internal operations without sacrificing rigidity. The simple drive key and locating dowel pin design assures positive location of the head and provides the strength required by heavier cuts which was not previously available in a replaceable head and bar system. Some of the advantages of the High Tech replaceable heads and bars are as follows:
• Less expensive than solid bars – You will find that the head cost is approximately 10% – 25% less than the cost of a comparable solid bar, with even more savings on coolant hole bars and specially designed shanks. Custom replaceable heads and bars are available.
• Minimize stock space – Many long bars may now be replaced by a simple 1-1/2 – 2” long replaceable head.
• Reduced setup time – Instead of changing out a complete bar, you replace only the head.
• Allows for special design shanks – Due to the economy of having only a head to replace you may now have specially designed shanks or heavy metal or carbide shanks which are more suitable to your operation. These were previously not practical due to the cost of having to replace an entire bar.
• Lock pin and clamp – All heads except positive rake are provided with lock pin and clamp for maximum holding power on insert.
• Suitable for R.H. or L.H. applications – Bars will accept right or left hand heads and either is available with internal coolant provisions.
• Available with High Tech’s “Quick Change” bar mounting.
See our quick change tooling guide to see how you may benefit even more from a rigid, “Quick Change” bar-to-machine connection.

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