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High Tech Tool, Inc.


To Order Call: 713-641-2303

Standard Products:

A) Carbide Inserts

High Tech stocks finished, and semi-finished blanks, to allow prompt delivery of all types of threading and grooving inserts, either coated or uncoated.

A substantial stock of API threading and grooving inserts is also maintained.

B) Toolholders

High Tech maintains one of the most modern and complete toolholder manufacturing facilities in the region.

Our toolholders are designed and manufactured utilizing the Carboly "NL" lock pin* along with a low profile clamp as standard features.

Holders and bars are made of medium carbon alloy steel and heat treated to 42 Rockwell "C" hardness.

C) Replaceable heads & bars

High Tech replaceable boring, threading and grooving heads provide the maximum in flexibility and economy without sacrificing rigidity.

Bars will accept right or left hand heads and either is available with coolant provision internally.

Carbide and heavy metal bars are also available.

D) "Quick Change" tooling

Share tooling among different machines and improve rigidity and reduce setup times with High Tech "Quick Change" bars and adapters.  Improve your part holding capabilities and reduce setup times with High Tech "Quick Change" chuck jaws and jaw inserts.

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