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Highly accurate reproduction of the early  Broadcaster" volume/tone knob - In my opinion, this is the most accurate knob available on the market.  Will be supplied with the correct #8-32 slot-head cup point set screw for securing to smooth-shaft pots.  Chrome plated like the originals.View Of Bottom

Price: $49.99 per set, plus $3.00 domestic shipping for any number.

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Machined Jack Cups for Tele-style guitars - This is a highly accurate reproduction of an early '50s Telecaster machined jack cup.  Chrome plated.

Price: $26.99 each + $3.00 domestic shipping for any number.
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Neck pickup springs and screws for Tele-style guitars - NOW AVAILABLE!  This is a highly accurate reproduction of the neck pickup springs used in '50s and early '60s Telecasters.  These are $8.00 per pair (price includes shipping) and include two #3x1" slotted wood screws that nicely fit through the springs.

Tele-style guitar bodies

-- Extremely accurate reproductions of '50s and '60s Tele bodies.  Pick your body blank and name your options!  Prices are as follows (actual UPS shipping extra);

  • Your body blank, $175.00
  • My body blank (lightweight swamp ash, from a multi-piece blank), no sanding on edges or sides, $250.00 (currently May 2015 only one available)
  • 1-piece bodies - made from the same lightweight swamp-ash, only they're from 1-piece blanks; $300.00.  The price goes up every time I go looking for 1-piece blanks -- this material is expensive!  Nearly all of my blanks are 1-piece, currently only one is a 2-piece.


    Note:  add $35.00 to the price of a body if you want it delivered COMPLETELY sanded, including the edes and sides.  The body will be ready for grain-filler.

    Additionally, we offer grain-filling service, so that the body will be ready for sealer right out of the box.  This service costs $35.00.

    At this time, we are NOT offering finishing work.  There are a few finishers out there doing outstanding work, whom we'll be happy to refer you to.

I have material in raw form and material already made into blanks.  Please email with your specific need on bodyweight etc.  If you want to see what is already made into blanks, you can select your own body blank from the available ones here, otherwise let me know what you're looking for.   Body blanks are numbered and the estimated finished weight is noted on each, based on the average wood density of the blank.

Please specify which options you would like taken off;

  • Diagonal wire channel
  • Neck pocket "lip" aka the broadcaster feature
  • Jack-cup "flat" on edge of body
Additionally, you may select these options;
  • "Early" horn profile that more evenly follows the pickguard edge, generally seen on earlier guitars.  See pic of "early" horn profile -vs- "late" horn profile.
  • Smaller radius at the neck pocket, seen on most if not all pre-58 guitars and occasionally '58 and later guitars  (see pic) 
  • NEW: Neck pocket featuring a radiused "strat neck" rear wall.  Of course, you must have a pickguard that is properly cut to accomodate this feature, as well as a strat-style heel on the neck you're using.
You'll need to specify edge radius;
  • Somewhat less than 1/8" radius (early '50s)
  • Somewhat more than 1/8" radius (mid/late '50s and on)
  • 1/4" radius
  • 3/16" radius
The bodies will be drilled for vintage (flush) ferrules, and sanded top and bottom with 220grit. The 1/8" location holes on the back will be plugged and sanded flush. No other sanding will be done (i.e. the sides will not be sanded). The only drilled holes will be the neck mount holes, the string-thru holes, and the bridge (vintage three-saddle type) mounting holes. No hardware will be included with the body (but machined jack cups are available for an additional $25 !).

If you want to talk quantity-discounts, please let me know.

Here are a few completed bodies already shipped to customers.  Here are a few finished guitars too!

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To purchase a body, please email us.  See the "contact us" page.

Note: The name "Telecaster" is owned by Fender Musical Instruments.  We are in no way endorsed by, nor affiliated with, Fender Musical Instruments.

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